Our Philosophy

We believe that our world and each person in it is a unique creation of our loving God.  All staff members have a strong faith in Jesus Christ, a devotion to God’s word, and a reverence for His world.  These beliefs will be reflected not only in HOW we teach, but also WHAT we teach.
The teachers hope to see each child develop their abilities.  By providing a well-balanced variety of age-appropriate activities, they encourage social, physical, intellectual,  emotional and spiritual growth and development.  It is also our goal to see each child grow in confidence, competence and compassion.
Each family represented will be considered equally important to the preschool staff.  We will attempt to support and serve the family’s needs as much as possible, realizing that the well-being of the family affects the well-being of the child.
With this emphasis on the whole child, we hope to  nurture a zest for living that is a natural part of early childhood and to provide an atmosphere which will allow them to learn about themselves, each other, our world and our  loving God.