Daily Activities

Each day in class includes a variety of activities such as singing and stories at circle time; arts and crafts; free play time at the various learning centers in each classroom; and outside recreational play (weather permitting).
In addition to encouraging your child to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually, our curriculum encourages intellectual growth in a fun environment. 
Three-year-olds learn about numbers, colors, shapes, and many things about the natural world such as animals and the seasons. 
Four-year-olds focus on letter recognition, counting, sequencing, and continue to learn more about the world around them, such as the meaning behind the holidays that we celebrate. 
Our Jr. Kindergarten program offers a more advanced curriculum that includes letter sounds, pre-reading readiness, and individualized skill development for older and more mature 4– and 5-year-olds. 
In each age level the ZooPhonics curriculum increases pre-reading and writing skills. We have also received training in the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.
All ages participate in field trips, classroom parties, monthly chapel, and other special events.