Me Twos

Children must be 2 years old by Aug. 31st

This class meets only one day per week (Tues. or Thurs.), two hours per day.  (9:30 am  to 11:30 am)

Parent attends class with child. Each day parents will participate in class by helping with an assigned task- ie: Art Center, Snack etc. Parent also attends on-site Parent Education class one day per month during regular class time. Children do not need to be potty trained for this class.

Each parent will sign up for a Parent Job.  These may include:  hospitality, sensory/science, book orders, teacher’s assistant, special events, class time jobs coordinator, cutting/copying,  photo coordinator.

The children will be encouraged to participate in music and movement activities. Language and literacy development will be encouraged through short stories and finger plays. Art and fine motor activities will include working with crayons, paint, glue and other media. Puzzles, dramatic play and blocks will be a few of the activities in our classroom learning centers. A variety of sensory activities will be offered throughout the year. When weather permits the children will spend a few minutes of class time outdoors. Cognitive concepts we will work on are colors, shapes and counting.

This new program is designed to uplift and promote godly, positive parenting and fellowship with other parents!  Activities to encourage this may include parent crafts, service projects, potlucks, playdates and parties.

Monthly Themes:
My School & Friends
Thank you God
Happy Birthday Jesus
Mitten Weather
I Love My Family
Baby Animals
Teddy Bears

Sample Schedule:

  9:30-9:45    Freeplay
  9:45-9:55    Story and Songs
  9:55-10:15   Outdoor Play
  10:15-10:25   Bathroom Break
  10:25-10:35   Snack
  10:35-11:05    Freeplay and Art centers
  11:05-11:30    Music/movement, Closing activity