1. Youth Garage sale is HERE – Friday until 4:00pm and Saturday until 12:00
  2. 2017-2018 School Year Dates – Mark your calendars
For those of you returning here are a few dates for the beginning of next year
            September 6th & 7th – Meet the Teacher days (your date and time will be mailed to you)
            September 11th – 15th – This will begin the first week of classes.
  1. Class Picnics are next week (and it looks like good weather):  check with your teacher for what time and where
Upcoming Events:
End of Preschool Celebration – May 25 @ 1:00pm
VBS – July 17th – 21st – Registration is NOW more than 50% full – sign up today!

Have a blessed week,
Sue and Corinne
Preschool Director
(425) 432-5876 x343